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An Idea to Market

If you have an idea for your book, and struggling to write, create and market it? Don’t worry Apex Solutions Ltd can cater to all your needs right from.

  • Pre-Publishing
  • Publishing and Distribution Services
  • Book Marketing and Audiobook Services


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    I always had a passion to write a book but had a lack of guidance and motivation. But when I contacted Apex, my whole vision of becoming an author has changed! I appreciate Apex solutions ltd for their guidance and support in publishing my first book! 

    We are a digitization group and were looking forward to converting high volumes, guess what Apex solutions Ltd, made it very simple. Cheers!

    Our Services Include Three Steps:

    Our Wide Range of Services Will Get Your Book Published 360°


    We assist new and existing writers who want to tell their stories, also guiding them on how to write by assigning an author trainer specifically to their needs.

    We will provide:

    • One-on-one Session
    • Group sessions
    • Awareness of writing
    • Motivation to write
    Publishing and Distribution

    Following the above process, we will now take your book to the next steps which are publishing and distribution services.

    We cater the following:

    • Editing and Proofing
    • Illustrations and Covers Design
    • Book Conversion
    • Audio Book & Distribution
    Book Marketing and Audiobook

    Apex will provide this facility as per your needs where every package is engrossed in some crucial areas to take rewards of endorsing your book at its best.

    We provide:

    • Social Media Marketing
    • Press-Releases
    • Book-Reviews
    • Author-Website & Interviews

      Apex 360° Advantage

      Apex is one of the kind organization which is involved in all aspects of publishing and pre-publishing with utmost quality and precision.

      Guidance To Write

      Our internal team and global collaboration had made this work for many authors in the past. We have many stories to share with you to start with.
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      Best Makeover To Your Book

      We will take your authoring ship to the next level by making it market-ready with our skillful publishing services. To know more click below.
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      Let Your Voice Be Heard

      Apex Solutions has a unique turnkey audiobook solution that includes everything you need to get your product to market fast.
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      Your Story At Every Doorstep

      We distribute your book and audiobooks on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, and more than 35 additional online retail sales channels.
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      Exclusive Packages

      To know more about exclusive packages which fix your needs, contact us or click below.

        Distribution Across Platforms

        Publish and Market as both Printed and eBook formats

        You don’t have to restrict with one format, Show the world that your story is in both print and ebook formats.

        You can become a celebrity Author in more than 140 countries

        With our extensive print and distribution network, you can have readers from all over the world.

        Over 25,000+ stores can accommodate your book

        Sell your book on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Flipkart, and 25,000 other leading book stores.

        Get Your Book To Speak - AudioBooks
        • Recorded Remotely

        We will remotely record your voice to create your audiobook, and ready for online sale.

        • Virtual Studio
        Our process is simple for you to record from your home or office. This process delivers a studio-quality audiobook.
        • Distribution

        Your audiobook will be edited & mastered and will be ready for online distribution on 35+ bookstores, including Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

        • Expert Voice Talent

        Some titles demand having a professional voice artist. For those, we will find a perfect voice to make your Audiobook elite.


          With a dream to empower rural India, I started my venture “Apex Solutions Ltd.” in 1998 with 30 people. Twenty-two years down the line, it has grown into a vibrant organization employing 500+ people.

           – Narendra Kumar Saranam, 
          Apex Solutions LTD Founder

          “When I wrote my memoir, it was a lonely and isolating time of my life; I didn’t have the support, guidance, and networks that I needed. Consequently, after my book launch, I felt vulnerable and anxious. We want my authors to be supported and for the anxiety and vulnerability to be minimized by providing as much information as they need.”